PCM-3240 4-axis Stepping and Servo Motor Control PC-104 Card

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PCM-3240 is a 4-axis stepping/pulse-type servo motor control card designed for general-purpose motion applications. PCM-3240 is a high-speed 4-axis motion control card for the PC/104 bus that simplifies stepping and pulse-type servo motor control, giving you added performance from your motors. The card’s intelligent NOVA MCX341-motion ASIC builds in a variety of motion control functions, such as 2/3-axis linear interpolation, 2-axis circular interpolation, T/S-curve accleration/deceleration rate and more.

In addition, the PCM-3240 performs these motion control functions without processor loading during driving. For advanced applications, we supply Windows DLL drivers and user-friendly examples to decrease your programming load. Moreover, with a free bundled PCM-3240 motion utility, you can easily complete configuration and diagnosis.

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