PCI-1620B 8-port RS-232 PCI Communication Card w/ EFT

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PCI-1620 is an 8-port RS-232 PCI communication card that is compatible with the PCI 2.1 bus specification. The card provides eight optional EFT surge protected RS-232 ports, andhas many functions such as high transmission speed of 921.6 kbps, eight independent RS-232 ports and also comes with high-performance 16PCI954 UARTs with 128-byte FIFOand a 16C954 UART to reduce CPU load. Thus, the PCI-1620 is especially suitable for making your system reliable in multitasking environments.

PCI-1620AU and PCI-1620BU have an universal PCI connector that is compatible with both 3.3 V signaling and 5 V signaling. This means that PCI-1610AU and PCI-1620BU cannot only be used in traditional systems with 5 V signaling but also newer systems with 3.3 V signaling.To further increase reliability, PCI-1620B and PCI-1620BU offer EFT surge protection technology, protecting your system from abrupt high voltages of up to 3,000 VDC. Advantechalso provides a convenient utility program called ICOM Tools, to help you test the PCI card’s performance by analyzing the port status. ICOM Tools is easy to use with its menucommands and toolbar buttons, and acts as a PC-based data scope that lets you set a trigger condition, capture the communications data and monitor the signal status. ICOM Toolsis applicable to all series of Advantech ICOM cards.

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