EKI-1751 Ethernet Extender, 100Mbps, VDSL2, AC adapter

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The EKI-1751 is a Long Reach Ethernet Extender that utilizes existing copper cabling infrastructure (twisted pair) by extending Ethernet to up to 1200 meters over VDSL2. Applications
such as IP-based Internet connections, video surveillance and voice services can benefit from the EKI-1751 series. The devices support VDSL2 Profiles 17a and 30a.

EKI-1751 is designed to work in pairs over twisted pair. As an unmanaged product, it is easy to install. Each Extender can be set to a Master (CO) or Remote (CPE) via a DIP Switch.

The Extenders support SNR Margin, VDSL2 Profile 30a(High Bandwidth Mode) or VDSL2 Profile 17a(Long Reach Mode), and Symmetric/Asymmetric data throughput. The selection of symmetrical or asymmetrical for throughput of upstream/downstream data rates directly influences the distance covered. Its LEDs include link activity, VDSL status, and Central Office or Customer Premises Equipment designation. The Extenders meet 802.3 Ethernet standards, as well as transparently supporting VLANS, 802.1q.

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